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Whether as manufacturer´s brand for branded companies or as private label for food retailing, discounters etc.,

 we are the right address for flexible packaging like separately packed wet wipes, sachets and liquid mixing possibilities.



Our core competencies are in the following areas


Wet Wipes

We produce all kinds of separately packed wet wipes, whether for the daily use or for special applications like glasses wipes, refreshing wipes, disinfection wipes / alcohol sponges, monitor cleaning wipes, nailpolish remover wipes, deodorant wipes a.o. Currently our modern production facilities produce an annual quantity of 600 million units.



We fill cosmetic products like creams, lotions, bath salt etc. and laundry and cleaning detergents as liquid or powder products into all varieties of sachets.


Apart from standard sachets, sealed at 3 or 4 sides, we also produce:

  • sachets for magazines

  • outline sachets

  • double and multiple sachets

  • partition sachets

  • reclosable sachets

  • string sachets (as endless chain)


Liquid mixing possibilities

Borval can produce all types of liquid for customers as well : cosmetics, technical products, shampoo, …

With our current capacity, we can mix up to 800 tons per year.